JustThisCrazyGrrl (jtcg) wrote in omwf,

i know this is a OMWF comm but i have a question..

What is your favorite Buffy episode and why?
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I would have to say 'Lover's Walk', episode 8 from the 3rd season is probably my favorite, cause the content of that particular episode "hits home" pretty well, rather, I can relate to a lot of what's felt. That, and Spike returned for that episode, and James Marsters is always great.
mine is "Fool for Love" which is episode 7 of the 5th season, it is Spike centered, where we recounts killing the two slayers he killed...i love that episode! i could watch it over and over...
Apart from OMWF, Tabula Rasa, season 6.

They all forget who they are and it's awesome. Best part, Anya keeps making bunnies from the magic book she's using to reverse the spell.
Apart from OMWF? I'd have to say Hush and Restless.
haha forgot the why part..."Restless" because its an English major's "dream" (haha, yeah im a Lit major) and there's a lot of symbolism and foreshadowing nad I just love watching it to pick my brain! Hush because it is so well done, its actually creepy, but there's still that classic Buffy humor in it too.